Directions for Raz-Kids:

Raz-Kids is a fun and motivating way to have the kids read quality literature that is on their level! 

Here is how to access the website and your child’s reading assignment from any computer connected to the Internet:

  1. Go to from your Internet browser and click on “Log In”**You can click on the link above.
  2. Type in the teacher’s username-  smartinob – and click “GO.”
  3. Find your name on the chart and click on that symbol.
  4. Enter your password when prompted.  Your password is your student ID number – This is the same number used for your student’s lunch number.  Many of them have memorized this number.  I sent home a log-in card for you to keep in a special place and refer to.  Or, you can find their student ID number under your parent portal page.
  5. The books in your child’s assignment and stars earned appear on a personal assignment page.  Your child can choose from the books pictured to read.  I told the class that I would prefer that they try reading the book first.  Then, they can choose to listen to the book and take a quiz by clicking on the symbols below each book.  If your computer has a built-in microphone, they can also record themselves reading the book, then listen to their recording.  This can be a      great way for them to hear themselves read and see how they did! 
**If they seem frustrated or if they are having a hard time reading the book, you can ask them to listen to the book, then go back and read it on their own. 

WARNING… It is really best for an adult to sit with your child when they are reading the books for them to get the most out of this program!  I used this program last year and some of the kids discovered that they could simply click on the pages and turn to the end of the book, then receive the points without actually reading the book… OOPS!  I showed the class how to use the program and we talked about being honest and actually reading the books, then taking the quiz!  Also, the quizzes are multiple choice and most of the kids have not done this type of test before.  It will be helpful for you to help them with this process and give them some pointers, like read all of the choices before deciding on the best answer. 

Raz-Kids can count for the book your child reads for homework!  Just list the title on their Book Log and add a comment about how they did, if you like!

Links to Reading Websites:
•Starfall - Play games and read stories

•Construct a Word - Build words that follow a word family pattern and practice reading them!

•Word Family Sort uSort several short-vowel words into the correct word family column.  Print & practice reading the words!

•Picture Match   - Try matching pictures to short and long vowel sounds! 

•Between the Lions - Listen to stories read by famous actors and authors

•Storyline Online - listen to stories!

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